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07.23.14 @ 12:311

I cried harder at this than I cried watching TFIOS so that’s saying something. But I assure you that it’s tears of happiness, it really is. 

Sorry Along orang tak pernah kena surprise memang macam ni haha. Terima kasih juga dua jejaka Malaya yang pandai simpan rahsia walaupun seharian keluar sama tapi pandai cover kan korang.

07.23.14 @ 11:54

I cry over almost everything lately. Needless to say I shed some tears (or more) over this book. Gonna be watching the movie tomorrow. I hope I won’t end up hysterically crying in the theatre.

07.22.14 @ 00:41

Talks are cheap, there’s no words to express how deeply sorry & sad I am for the attacks in Gaza and the flight MH17. You will be remembered & justice will be served. If not during this lifetime, they will have no where to run in akhirat.

Al-Fatihah. And for the families, my condolences, may Allah grants you peace.

07.21.14 @ 15:412

Todd Klassy

07.20.14 @ 23:2916595