The bitter taste of death is for us,
the living to ponder upon, 
But for you, it is already a journey,
Leaving the ones whom you love & were loved by you,
We may have smile to each other,
passing by in the street,
Or a passing greet
And I wonder
All of the ‘What if?’
And I grieve. 

In memories of the MH17 tragedy victims. Welcome home. Al-Fatihah & my deepest condolences.

08.22.14 @ 09:131

Goodbye for now 💛

08.21.14 @ 17:24

You don’t always get that smooth pavement in life, sometimes you need to use the uphill trail with uneven stepping stones. 

On another (more related to the photo) note; this is the trail to the canopy walk.

08.19.14 @ 21:17

'Over 1000 prisoners died on either the marches or at Ranau Camp… Only six came home from the 2500 prisoners at Sandakan' - excerpt from the Kundasang War Memorial

08.19.14 @ 17:051

Leftover pizza & a book for breakfast today in KK. No more sight of Mount Kinabalu greeting us in the morning

08.19.14 @ 11:47

Too bad that the mountain was enveloped by clouds when we were at the farm. But we still took a selfie tho

08.18.14 @ 12:501

Last breakfast in Kundasang. Can you tell how much I love buffet breakfast like two of the plates are mine hahah

08.18.14 @ 09:24

Crystal clear water & little fishes that nibbles on your feet 💕

08.17.14 @ 15:02

I guess the goats here are used to be taken pictures of that they know how to pose & arrange themselves already

08.16.14 @ 11:47

Natural swing near the waterfall. Naturally, I insist on trying it. I obviously like it a lot.

08.15.14 @ 18:14